In October 2019, the bishops of the Amazon gathered in Rome to discern how people of faith can stand in solidarity with the exploited earth and marginalized communities. While the synod was about the Amazon, it is also a model for the entire world.

Every community of faith, wherever they are, is invited to listen to the experience of marginalized communities, take seriously the costs of environmental degradation, and discern how it can take action to protect all life.

The Missionary Society of St. Columban has lived in the Amazon region and accompanied the communities that call it home, including the natural world, for over half a century. On this webpage, you will find a series of articles about the Synod and the Amazon, as well as practical ways you can listen and respond to the "cry of the earth and the cry of the poor" (Laudato Si', #49).

How can you get involved?

Read the Pope's exhortation, The Beloved Amazon

Why is the Church committed to being an ally with the Amazon, and other marginalized communities?

Bring the Synod to Your Community

How can your faith community initiate a process of cross-cultural dialogue, ecological conversion, and collaborative social action?

Tell the Senate: Protect Environmental Defenders

Every year, hundred of people are killed or persecuted defending the environment. Tell the US Senate to protect them.




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