Columbans around the world see how the massive extraction of natural resources is the root cause of many other injustices: species extinction, climate change, and community displacement, to name a few. Examples of extractive industries include coal and oil drilling, fracking, cash crop plantations, and even hydroelectric dams and profit-driven renewable energy.

What extractive industries do is turn God’s glorious creation into a cheap commodity, violating the sacred relationship between God, humans, and all creation (cf. Gen 9: 8-17).

As people of faith, we believe that we must create a new way of producing and consuming that acts in harmony with nature and prioritizes the dignity of marginalized communities. This new economy must be about life over death, generosity over exploitation, and the common good over profit.

The resources and articles on this webpage will help you better understand the pervasive and often hidden impacts of extractive industries. They will invite you to listen and respond to the cries of our wounded earth and vulnerable communities.


How Can You Get Involved?

Host an Environmental Justice Workshop

Learn how your community can stand in solidarity with the exploited earth and marginalized communities

“Purchasing Is a Moral Act”

Download our consumer examination to better understand the connection between the stuff we buy and extractive industries

Capitol building

Tell the Senate: Protect Environmental Defenders

Ever years, dozens of people are killed defending the environment from extractive projects. Tell the Senate to protect them.


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