Columbans around the globe accompany communities impacted by climate change.

In Myanmar and Peru, glaciers, a main water and irrigation source, continue to disappear. In the Philippines and Fiji, extreme weather events and rising sea levels threaten coastal communities where agriculture and fishing are a main source of economic stability. In Pakistan and the United States, severe droughts cause food and water shortages.

Columbans have been fighting to address climate change for decades. In the countries we call home, we’ve seen how an over-consumption of the fossil fuels that cause climate change is driven by an economic model that places profits over the common good. This raises serious moral and ethical concerns about the distribution and use of our planet’s finite resources and the destruction of biodiversity and the web of life.

The reality of climate change compels us to both personal and structural changes. The resources and articles on this webpage will help you better understand the global impacts of climate change, and offer you practical ways to take action and advocate on behalf of God’s beautiful creation.

How can you get involved?

Story of Climate Change

The Story of Climate Change

Download our free resources to learn climate change is impacting the vulnerable communities living there and how you can take action

Host an Environmental Justice Workshop

Learn how your community can stand in solidarity with the exploited earth and marginalized communities

Tell the Senate: Protect Environmental Defenders

Every year, hundred of people are killed or persecuted defending the environment. Tell the US Senate to protect them.


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